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European Network
of Active Civil Society for
Education and Diversity

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The ENACTED platform

The ENACTED platform aims to give visibility to several innovative practices in the field of inclusive education in Europe, and properly classified according to specific criteria that make your research fast, precise and intuitive on our ‘Depository of Innovative Practices for Inclusive Education’ (DIPIE).

The ENACTED platform is, most of all, a virtual community for sharing and exchange of ideas and opinions with regard to the above-mentioned innovative practices among three main target groups of the ENACTED project: primary and secondary school teachers, civil society organizations and policy makers. A networking platform to advance and upscale effectiveness of inclusive education in Europe!


Make advantage of a catalogue of innovative practices contained in the DIPIE which you can easily pre-select according to your exigencies as follows:  level of implementation (local, regional, national, European); target groups (primary or secondary schools); per countries; format of resource; main topics; key words; etc.

Identify easily the practices you are interested in, read brief summaries and enroll yourself to download it for free!

Moreover connect with more than 400 stakeholders to foster the integration of newly arrived migrants in both education and society!

Take Action

Join ENACTED working groups, depending on your interests, and be part of specialized network in addressing more adequately the multifaceted character and complexity of educational barriers faced by newly arrived migrants in Europe.

Don’t miss synergies and collaborations between schools, civil society organizations and policy makers, be part of our participatory approach and discuss it on the following thematic groups:


Practices concentrated on encouraging PARENTAL involvement for NAMS’ better accommodation in school


Practices that focus on training and empowering TEACHERS


Practices focused directly on NAMS’ facilitation in educational integration

Support the transferability of innovative practices of inclusive education and engage with multiple stakeholders at different contexts and levels, act as a reference point for inclusive education policies and practices in Europe!

The Charter of Common Values for Education and Diversity

Each working group, specialized on one topic, will be responsible for drafting one paragraph of the ENACTED ‘Charter of Common Values for Education and Diversity’ that will contribute to inclusive education, non-discrimination and equal opportunity for all in Europe.

Take part to our vibrant roundtables, together with other formal and non-formal educators and stakeholders, to discuss about the effective implementation of innovative practices of inclusive education with a problem-solving approach!

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to the European Charter of Common Values for Education and Diversity!


We invite you to complete the following online survey questionnaire to evaluate your satisfaction with the platform’s multiple functionalities