ENACTED project steps in to fill a void by supporting European educational systems and particularly schools to respond adequately and effectively to the diverse needs of NAMS fostering their integration in both education and society.


There is a need to establish and thoroughly utilise specialised networks of operation that address more adequately the multifaceted character and complexity of educational barriers faced by vulnerable Newly Arrived Migrant Students (NAMS). These networks should connect and create the space for synergies and collaborations between formal education providers (schools) and informal/non-formal education providers (CSOs), whereby exchange of good practices can be encouraged and facilitated. This initiative would support NAMS and their needs and as an extension, uphold the values that make us ‘European’ and are proclaimed in the EU Treaties: solidarity, compassion, human rights, support and cooperation (Dassis in EESC, 2017).

As such, ENACTED steps in to facilitate the collection, analysis, evaluation, and exchange of these promising CSOs’ practices by offering a database and useful tool in the form of a networking platform that CSOs and schools can use to advance their work and upscale their effectiveness.



Aim of the ENACTED project (European Network of Active Civil socieTy for Education and Diversity) is to create and establish a new and currently absent, yet much needed, international online networking platform connecting European Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and primary and secondary schools that work with disadvantaged migrant and refugee children and aim at providing Quality and Inclusive Education for all learners.

Specific Objectives

Promoting inclusive education and training and fostering the education of disadvantaged learners, including through supporting educational staff in addressing diversity and reinforcing diversity among education staff.

Specific Objectives
About ENACTED Project resources

Project Resources

  • Country Policy Profiles for Inclusive Education
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  • Inclusive Education Acceleration Online Platform
  • Mentoring guide for teachers and formal education provider
  • Charter of common values on diversity
  • Policy recommendations report

Who does ENACTED benefit?

Who does ENACTED benefit